Defines the security options for saving documents, for web connections, and for opening documents that contain macros.

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Choose - LibreOffice - Security.

Options Security Dialog Image


Some options cannot be reset once edited. Either edit back the changes manually or click Cancel and reopen the Options dialog.

Security Options and Warnings

Opens the "Security Options and Warnings" dialog.

Passwords for web connections

You can enter a master password to enable easy access to sites that require a user name and password.

Persistently save passwords for web connections

If enabled, LibreOffice will securely store all passwords that you use to access files from web servers. You can retrieve the passwords from the list after you enter the master password.

Warning Icon

Old configurations may contain weakly encrypted passwords, in this case an infobar is shown when the application starts to prompt to reenter the master password in order to resave them with stronger encryption.

Protected by a master password (recommended)

Check to enable all connections' passwords to be protected by a master password.

Master Password

Opens the Enter Master Password dialog.


Asks for the master password. If master password is correct, shows the Stored Web Connection Information dialog.

The Stored Web Connection Information dialog shows a list of web sites and user names that you entered previously. You can select any entry and remove it from the list. You can view the password for the selected entry.

Macro security

Adjust the security level for executing macros and specify trusted macro authors.

Macro Security

Opens the Macro Security dialog.

Time Stamp Authority

Time Stamp Authorities (TSA) issue digitally signed timestamps (RFC 3161) that are optionally used during signed PDF export.

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