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Print Options

Specifies the print setting options.

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Choose - LibreOffice - Print.

Printing faster with Reduced Data

Reduce print data

You can reduce the amount of data to be sent to the printer. Reducing the print data increases the print speed because the print files are smaller. This makes it easier for printers with a smaller memory to print. Reducing print data can result in slightly lower print quality.

Settings for

Specifies whether the print settings apply to direct printing or to printing to a file.

Reduce transparency

If you mark this field the transparent objects will be printed like normal, non-transparent objects, depending on your selection in the following two option buttons.

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Transparency cannot be output directly to a printer. The areas of the document in which transparency is to be visible must therefore always be calculated as bitmaps and sent to the printer. Depending on the size of the bitmaps and the print resolution a large amount of data may result.


Specifies that the transparency is only printed if the transparent area covers less than a quarter of the entire page.

No transparency

With this option transparency is never printed.

Reduce bitmaps

Specifies that bitmaps are printed with reduced quality. The resolution can only be reduced and not increased.

High/normal print quality

High print quality corresponds to a resolution of 300dpi. Normal print quality corresponds to a resolution of 200dpi.


Specifies the maximum print quality in dpi. The resolution can only be reduced and not increased.

Include transparent objects

If this field is marked, the reduction in print quality for bitmaps also applies to the transparent areas of objects.

Reduce gradient

If this field is marked, gradients are printed with reduced quality.

Gradient stripes

Specifies the maximum number of gradient stripes for printing.

Intermediate color

Specifies that gradients are only printed in a single intermediate color.

Convert colors to grayscale

Specifies that all colors are printed only as grayscale.

Printer warnings

Defines which warnings appear before printing begins.

Paper size

Mark this check box if a certain paper size is needed for printing the current document. If the paper size used in the document is not provided by the current printer, you will receive an error message.

Paper orientation

Mark this check box if you need a certain paper orientation for printing the current document. If the format used by the current document is not available from the printer, an error message will appear.


Mark this check box if you always want to be warned if transparent objects are contained in the document. If you print such a document, a dialog appears in which you can select if the transparency is to be printed in this print instruction.

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