This submenu contains common shapes like a line, circle, triangle, and square, or a symbol shape like a smiley face, heart, and flower that can be inserted into the document.

כדי לגשת לפקודה הזאת…

From the menu bar:

Choose Insert - Shape.

From the tabbed interface:

From toolbars:

Icon Insert Shape

Insert Shape


This submenu contains straight, freeform, curved and polygon line shapes.

Basic Shapes

This submenu contains basic shapes like rectangles, circles, triangles, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, cylinder, and cube.

Symbol Shapes

This submenu contains symbols shapes like smiley face, heart, sun, moon, flower, puzzle, beveled shapes, and brackets.

Block Arrows

This submenu contains block arrow shapes like right arrow, split arrow, circular arrow and more.


This submenu contains flowchart shapes like process, decision, data, document, terminator and more.

Callout Shapes

This submenu contains callout shapes like rectangular, rounded rectangular, round, cloud and more.

Stars and Banners

This submenu contains star and banners shapes like multi ray stars, scrolls and more.

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