Java Platform Support

LibreOffice supports the Java platform for running applications, applets and components based on the JavaBeans architecture.

For LibreOffice to support the Java platform, you must install the Java 2 Runtime Environment software from Sun Microsystems. When you installed LibreOffice, you automatically received the option to install these files if they were not yet installed. You can also install these files now if required. The executable setup file is located in the LibreOffice/program folder and on the LibreOffice CD.

The Java platform support needs to be activated under LibreOffice to run Java applications.

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Before you can use a JDBC driver, you need to add its class path. Choose - LibreOffice - Advanced, and click the Class Path button. After you add the path information, restart LibreOffice.

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Your modifications at the - LibreOffice - Advanced tab page will be used even if the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) has been started already. After any modifications to the ClassPath you must restart LibreOffice. The same is true for modifications under - Internet - Proxy. Only the boxes "HTTP Proxy" and "FTP Proxy" and their ports do not require a restart—they will be evaluated when you click OK.

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