Creating XML Filters

Creating an XML Filter for LibreOffice

When you create an XML filter for LibreOffice, you need to design an \<emph\>XSLT stylesheet\</emph\> that can convert to and from the OpenDocument XML file format.

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For more information about the OpenDocument XML format, go to

If you want, you can include a \<emph\>template\</emph\> with your filter to apply LibreOffice styles to an XML document that you import.

To create an XML filter

  1. Create an XSLT transformation \<emph\>stylesheet\</emph\> that maps the elements of the external XML format to the elements of the OpenDocument XML file format and back again.

  2. Create a template that assigns LibreOffice styles to elements in the external XML format when you import a file in this format into LibreOffice.

  3. In LibreOffice Writer, create a text document, and choose \<item type=\"menuitem\"\>Tools - XML Filter Settings\</item\>.

  4. Click \<emph\>New\</emph\>.

  5. In the \<emph\>XML Filter\</emph\> dialog, click the \<emph\>General\</emph\> tab, and define the properties of the filter.

  1. On the \<emph\>Transformation\</emph\> tab page, define the transformation properties for the filter.

  1. Click \<emph\>OK\</emph\>.

To test an XML filter

You can perform basic tests on a custom XML filter in LibreOffice.

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The document is not altered by these tests.

  1. Create or open a text document.

  2. Choose \<item type=\"menuitem\"\>Tools - XML Filter Settings\</item\>.

  3. In the list of filters, select the filter that you want to test, and click \<emph\>Text XSLTs\</emph\>.

  4. To test an Export filter, do one of the following in the Export area of the dialog:

  1. To test an Import filter, click Browse in the Import area of the dialog, select a document, and click Open.

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