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Printing in Black and White

Printing text and graphics in black and white

  1. Choose File - Print. The General tab page of the dialog opens.

  2. Click on \<emph\>Properties\</emph\>. This opens the Properties dialog for your printer.

  3. Select the option to print in black and white. For further information, refer to the user's manual of your printer.

  4. Confirm the Properties dialog and click Print.

    The current document will be printed in black and white.

Printing in black and white in \<item type=\"productname\"\>LibreOffice\</item\> Impress and \<item type=\"productname\"\>LibreOffice\</item\> Draw

  1. Choose - LibreOffice Impress or - LibreOffice Draw, as appropriate.

  2. Then choose \<emph\>Print\</emph\>.

  3. Under \<emph\>Quality,\</emph\> select either \<emph\>Grayscale\</emph\> or \<emph\>Black & white\</emph\> and click \<emph\>OK\</emph\>.

    When either of these options is selected, all presentations or drawings will be printed without color. If you only want to print in black for the \<emph\>current\</emph\> print job, select the option in \<emph\>File - Print - Options\</emph\>.

    Grayscale converts all colors to a maximum of 256 gradations from black to white. All text will be printed in black. A background set by Format - Page Style - Background will not be printed.

    Black & white converts all colors into the two values black and white. All borders around objects are printed black. All text will be printed in black. A background set by Format - Page Style - Background will not be printed.

Printing only text in black and white

In \<item type=\"productname\"\>LibreOffice\</item\> Writer you can choose to print color-formatted text in black and white. You can specify this either for all subsequent text documents to be printed, or only for the current printing process.

Printing all text documents with black and white text

  1. Choose - LibreOffice Writer or - LibreOffice Writer/Web.

  2. Then choose \<emph\>Print\</emph\>.

  3. Under \<emph\>Contents,\</emph\> mark \<emph\>Print black\</emph\> and click \<emph\>OK\</emph\>.

    All text documents or HTML documents will be printed with black text.

Printing the current text document with black and white text

  1. Choose File - Print. Then click the LibreOffice Writer tab.

  2. Choose Print text in black and click Print.

Printing dialogs


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