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Printing Address Labels

  1. Choose \<emph\>File - New - Labels\</emph\> to open the \<emph\>Labels\</emph\> dialog.

  2. Select the format of the label sheets you want to print on. Remember to mark \<emph\>Synchronize contents\</emph\> on the \<emph\>Options\</emph\> tab.

  3. Choose the database and table from which to get the data.

  4. Select a database field of which you want to print the contents. Click the button that shows a left arrow to insert the database field into the Label Text box.

    Continue to select and insert database fields if you want more fields on every label. You can press Enter to insert a new line, and you can type any character to insert fixed text.

  5. Optionally, if you want to type more text, apply formatting, or insert images and line art, you should enable Synchronize contents on the Options tab. If you enable this, once you leave the Labels dialog box a small window opens with a Synchronize button. Now you only need to work on the first label on the labels document, then click the Synchronize button to copy your work to every label of the document.

  6. Click \<emph\>New Document\</emph\>.

  7. When you see the label document, open the data source view by choosing \<emph\>View - Data Sources\</emph\>.

  8. You can then save and/or print the label document.

When you choose to print the document, you will be asked if you want to print a form letter. Answer Yes to open the Mail Merge dialog. In the Mail Merge dialog, you can select the records for which you want to print labels.

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