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Copying Spreadsheet Areas to Text Documents

  1. Open both the text document and the spreadsheet.

  2. Select the sheet area you want to copy.

  3. Point to the selected area and press the mouse button. Keep the mouse button pressed for a moment, then drag the area into the text document.

  4. Once the cursor is located in the place where you want to insert the sheet area, release the mouse button. The sheet area is inserted as an OLE object.

  5. You can select and edit the OLE object at any time.

  6. To edit the OLE object, double-click on it.

    Alternatively, select the object and choose Edit - OLE Object - Edit or choose Edit from the context menu. You edit the object in its own frame within the text document, but you see the icons and menu commands needed for spreadsheets.

  7. Choose \<emph\>Open\</emph\> to open the source document of the OLE object.

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