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Table Design

This section contains information about how to create a new database table in the design view.

Open the database file of the database where you want a new table. Click the \<emph\>Tables\</emph\> icon. Choose \<emph\>Create Table in Design View\</emph\> to create a new table.

In the Design view, you can now create the fields for your table.

Note Icon

Each field can only accept data corresponding to the specified field type. For example, it is not possible to enter text in a number field. Memo fields in dBASE III format are references to internally-managed text files which can hold up to 64 kB text.

You can enter an optional \<emph\>Description\</emph\> for each field. The text of the description will appear as a tip on the column headings in the table view.

Field Properties

Enter properties for each selected data field. Depending on the database type, some input facilities may not be available.

In the \<emph\>Default value\</emph\> box, enter the default contents for every new record. This contents can be edited later.

In the \<emph\>Entry required\</emph\> box, specify whether or not the field may remain empty.

For the \<emph\>Length\</emph\> box, a combo box may be shown that provides the available choices.

Database Overview

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