\<bookmark_value\>date fields; properties\</bookmark_value\>

Special Tips for Date Fields

When you enter a year using two digits, the corresponding four digit value is determined by a setting in - LibreOffice - General. For example, if 1935 is set as the lower limiting value and you enter 34 as a date value, then the result is 2034 instead of 1934.

The pre-set limit value will be saved for each document. If you want to open a document in an older version of StarOffice, in which the limit of 1930 could not be changed, then you must also select the limit value 1930 in your current version of LibreOffice.

In LibreOffice, years are indicated by four digits, so that the difference between 1/1/99 and 1/1/01 is two years. This \<emph\>Year (two digits)\</emph\> setting allows the user to define the years in which two-digit dates are added to 2000. To illustrate, if you specify a date of 1/1/30 or later, the entry "1/1/20" is recognized as 1/1/2020 instead of 1/1/1920.

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