\<bookmark_value\>doubling draw objects\</bookmark_value\>\<bookmark_value\>draw objects; duplicating\</bookmark_value\>\<bookmark_value\>duplicating draw objects\</bookmark_value\>\<bookmark_value\>multiplying draw objects\</bookmark_value\>

Duplicating Objects

You can create duplicate or multiple copies of an object. The copies can be identical or can differ in size, color, orientation and location.

The following example creates a stack of coins by making multiple copies of a single ellipse.

  1. Use the \<emph\>Ellipse\</emph\> tool to draw a solid yellow ellipse.

  2. Select the ellipse and choose \<emph\>Edit - Duplicate\</emph\>.

  3. Enter 12 as \<emph\>Number of copies.\</emph\>

  4. Enter a negative value for the \<emph\>Width\</emph\> and \<emph\>Height\</emph\> so that the coins decrease in size as you go up the stack.

  5. To define a color transition for the coins, select different colors in the \<emph\>Start\</emph\> and \<emph\>End\</emph\> boxes. The \<emph\>Start\</emph\> color is applied to the object that you are duplicating.

  6. Click \<emph\>OK\</emph\> to create the duplicates.

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