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Cross-Fading Two Objects

Cross-fading creates shapes and distributes them by uniform increments between two drawing objects.

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The cross-fading command is only available in LibreOffice Draw. You can, however, copy and paste cross-faded objects into LibreOffice Impress.

To cross-fade two objects:

  1. Hold down Shift and click each object.

  2. Choose Shape - Cross-fading.

  3. Enter a value to specify the number of objects between the start and end of the cross-fade in the \<emph\>Increments\</emph\> box.

  4. Click \<emph\>OK\</emph\>.

A group containing the two original objects and the specified number (increments) of cross-faded objects is displayed.

Illustration for crossfading

You can edit the individual objects of a group by selecting the group and pressing F3. Press +F3 to exit the group editing mode.

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