3D View

On the first page of the Chart Wizard or in the context menu of a chart you can choose a chart type.

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Choose Insert - Chart...


Insert Chart

Press Shift+F1 and point to a control to learn more about that control.

The chart preview responds to the new settings that you enter in the dialog.

For a 3D chart you can choose Format - 3D View to set perspective, appearance and illumination.


Set all angles to 0 for a front view of the chart. Pie charts and donut charts are shown as circles.

With Right-angled axes enabled, you can rotate the chart contents only in X and Y direction, that is, parallel to the chart borders.

An x value of 90, with y and z set to 0, provides a view from top down to the chart. With x set to -90, you see the bottom of the chart.

The rotations are applied in the order first x, then y, last z.

When shading is enabled and you rotate a chart, the lights are rotated as if they are fixed to the chart.

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The rotation axes always relate to the page, not to the chart's axes. This is different from some other chart programs.

Select the Perspective check box to view the chart in central perspective as through a camera lens instead of using a parallel projection.

Set the focus length with the spin button. 100% gives a perspective view where a far edge in the chart looks approximately half as big as a near edge.

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Older versions of LibreOffice cannot display the percentage of perspective the same way as the current version.


By selecting a scheme, the check boxes and the light sources are set accordingly.


Set the light sources for the 3D view.

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