Modifies the alignment of axes or title labels.

Some of the options listed here are not available for all labels. For example, there are different options for 2D and 3D object labels.

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Choose Format - Axis (Charts)

Show labels

Specifies whether to show or hide the axis labels.

The AxesTitle On/Off icon on the Formatting bar switches the labeling of all axes on or off.


Show/Hide Axis Descriptions

Rotate text

Defines the text direction of cell contents. Click one of the ABCD buttons to assign the required direction.

ABCD wheel

Clicking anywhere on the wheel defines the variable text orientation. The letters "ABCD" on the button correspond to the new setting.

ABCD button

Assigns vertical text orientation for cell contents.

Note Icon

If you define a vertical x-axis label, the text may be cut off by the line of the x-axis.


Allows you to manually enter the orientation angle.

Text flow

Determines the text flow of the data label.


Specifies that the text in cells may overlap other cells. This can be especially useful if there is a lack of space. This option is not available with different title directions.


Allows a text break.

The following options are not available for all chart types:


The options on this tab are only available for a 2D chart, under \<emph\>Format - Axis - Y Axis\</emph\> or \<emph\>X Axis\</emph\>. In this area, you can define the alignment of the number labels on the X or Y axis.


Arranges numbers on the axis side by side.

Stagger odd

Staggers numbers on the axis, even numbers lower than odd numbers.

Stagger even

Stagger numbers on the axes, odd numbers lower than even numbers.


Automatically arranges numbers on the axis.

Note Icon

Problems may arise in displaying labels if the size of your chart is too small. You can avoid this by either enlarging the view or decreasing the font size.

Text Direction

Specify the text direction for a paragraph that uses complex text layout (CTL). This feature is only available if complex text layout support is enabled.

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