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Data Labels

Opens the Data Labels dialog, which enables you to set the data labels.

If an element of a data series is selected, this command works on that data series only. If no element is selected, this command works on all data series.

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Choose Insert - Data Labels (Charts)

Choose \<emph\>Format - Object Properties - Data Point/Data Row - Data Labels\</emph\> tab (for data row and data point) (Charts)

as number

Displays the absolute values of the data points.

Number format

Opens a dialog to select the number format.

as percentage

Displays the percentage of the data points in each column.

Percentage format

Opens a dialog to select the percentage format.

Show label text

Shows the data point text labels.

Show legend icon with label

Displays the legend icons next to each data point label.


Selects the separator between multiple text strings for the same object.


Selects the placement of data labels relative to the objects.

Text Direction

Specify the text direction for a paragraph that uses complex text layout (CTL). This feature is only available if complex text layout support is enabled.

Rotate text

Click in the dial to set the text orientation for the data labels.

Enter the counterclockwise rotation angle for the data labels.

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