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Defining Print Ranges on a Sheet

You can define which range of cells on a spreadsheet to print.

The cells on the sheet that are not part of the defined print range are not printed or exported. Sheets without a defined print range are not printed and not exported to a PDF file, unless the document uses the Excel file format.

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For files opened in Excel format, all sheets that do not contain a defined print range are printed. The same behavior occurs when you export the Excel formatted spreadsheet to a PDF file.

To Define a Print Range

  1. Select the cells that you want to print.

  2. Choose \<emph\>Format - Print Ranges - Define\</emph\>.

To Add Cells to a Print Range

  1. Select the cells that you want to add to the existing print range.

  2. Choose \<emph\>Format - Print Ranges - Add\</emph\>.

To Clear a Print Range

Using the Page Break Preview to Edit Print Ranges

In the \<emph\>Page Break Preview\</emph\>, print ranges as well as page break regions are outlined by a blue border and contain a centered page number in gray. Nonprinting areas have a gray background.

To define a new page break region, drag the border to a new location. When you define a new page break region, an automatic page break is replaced by a manual page break.

To View and Edit Print Ranges

  1. Choose \<emph\>View - Page Break Preview\</emph\>.

    Tip Icon

    To change the default zoom factor of the \<emph\>Page Break Preview\</emph\>, double click the percentage value on the \<emph\>Status\</emph\> bar, and select a new zoom factor.

  2. Edit the print range.

    To change the size of a print range, drag a border of the range to a new location.

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    To delete a manual page break that is contained in a print range, drag the border of the page break outside of the print range.

    To clear a print range, drag a border of the range onto the opposite border of the range.

  3. To exit the \<emph\>Page Break Preview\</emph\>, choose \<emph\>View - Normal\</emph\>.

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