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Printing Sheets in Landscape Format

In order to print a sheet you have a number of interactive options available under \<emph\>View - Page Break Preview\</emph\>. Drag the delimiter lines to define the range of printed cells on each page.

To print in landscape format, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the sheet to be printed.

  2. Choose \<emph\>Format - Page\</emph\>.

    The command is not visible if the sheet has been opened with write protection on. In that case, click the \<emph\>Edit File \</emph\>icon on the \<emph\>Standard\</emph\> bar.

  3. Select the \<emph\>Page\</emph\> tab. Select the \<emph\>Landscape\</emph\> paper format and click OK.

  4. Choose \<emph\>File - Print\</emph\>. You will see the \<emph\>Print\</emph\> dialog.

    Depending on the printer driver and the operating system, it may be necessary to click the \<emph\>Properties\</emph\> button and to change your printer to landscape format there.

  5. In the \<emph\>Print \</emph\>dialog under \<emph\>Print range\</emph\>, select the pages to be printed:

    \<emph\>All\</emph\> - All sheets will be printed.

    Selected sheets - Only the selected sheets will be printed. All sheets whose names (at the bottom on the sheet tabs) are selected will be printed. By pressing while clicking a sheet name you can change this selection.

    Selected cells - All selected cells are printed.

  6. From all the paper pages that result from the above selection, you can select the range of paper pages to be printed:

    All pages - Print all resulting pages.

    \<emph\>Pages\</emph\> - Enter the pages to be printed. The pages will also be numbered from the first sheet onwards. If you see in the Page Break Preview that Sheet1 will be printed on 4 pages and you want to print the first two pages of Sheet2, enter 5-6 here.

If under \<emph\>Format - Print ranges\</emph\> you have defined one or more print ranges, only the contents of these print ranges will be printed.

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