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Entering Matrix Formulas

The following is an example of how you can enter a matrix formula, without going into the details of matrix functions.

Assume you have entered 10 numbers in Columns A and B (A1:A10 and B1:B10), and would like to calculate the sum of each row in Column C.

  1. Using the mouse, select the range C1:C10, in which the results are to be displayed.

  2. Press F2, or click in the input line of the Formula bar.

  3. Enter an equal sign (=).

  4. Select the range A1:A10, which contains the first values for the sum formula.

  5. Press the (+) key from the numerical keypad.

  6. Select the numbers in the second column in cells B1:B10.

  7. End the input with the matrix key combination: Shift++Enter.

The matrix area is automatically protected against modifications, such as deleting rows or columns. It is, however, possible to edit any formatting, such as the cell background.

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