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Instructions for Using LibreOffice Calc

On the help page for LibreOffice general you can find instructions that are applicable to all modules, such as working with windows and menus, customizing LibreOffice, data sources, Gallery, and drag and drop.

If you want help with another module, switch to the help for that module with the combo box in the navigation area.

Formatting Tables and Cells

Freezing Rows or Columns as Headers

Highlighting Negative Numbers

Cells in Currency Format

Deactivating Automatic Changes

Formatting Spreadsheets

Applying Automatic Formatting to a Selected Cell Range

Selecting Themes for Sheets

Assigning Formats by Formula

Applying Conditional Formatting

Undoing Direct Formatting for a Document

Copying to Multiple Sheets

Selecting Multiple Cells

Merge and Unmerge Cells

Formatting Numbers With Decimals

User-defined Number Formats

Formatting Numbers as Text

Converting Text to Numbers

Inserting and Editing Comments

Renaming Sheets

Changing Row Height or Column Width

Changing Table Views

Using Rounded Off Numbers

Only Copy Visible Cells

Copying Formatting With the Clone Formatting Tool

Inserting Line Breaks in Cells

Rotating Text

Writing Multi-line Text

Text Superscript / Subscript

Inserting Special Characters

Changing the Color of Text

Switching Between Insert Mode and Overwrite Mode

Inserting Non-breaking Spaces, Hyphens and Soft Hyphens

Recording Changes

Entering Values and Formulas

Entering Values

Calculating With Formulas

Displaying Formulas or Values

Entering Formulas

Copying Formulas

Calculating in Spreadsheets

Calculating With Dates and Times

Calculating Time Differences

Entering Fractions

Entering a Number with Leading Zeros

Applying Multiple Sheets

Navigating Through Sheet Tabs

Automatically Filling in Data Based on Adjacent Cells

Applying Sort Lists

Applying Filters

Applying AutoFilter

Applying Advanced Filters

Only Copy Visible Cells

Entering Matrix Formulas

Rotating Tables (Transposing)

User-Defined Functions

Entering References

Naming Cells

Recognizing Names as Addressing

Referencing Cells by Drag-and-Drop

Addresses and References, Absolute and Relative

Referencing URLs

Referencing Other Sheets

Entering Matrix Formulas

Inserting External Data in Table (WebQuery)

Database Ranges in Tables

Defining a Database Range

Filtering Cell Ranges

Sorting Data

Advanced Calculations

Pivot Table

Creating Pivot Tables

Editing Pivot Tables

Filtering Pivot Tables

Updating Pivot Tables

Deleting Pivot Tables

Selecting Pivot Table Output Ranges

Consolidating Data

Applying Goal Seek

Applying Multiple Operations

Validity of Cell Contents

Using Scenarios

Printing and Page Preview

Defining Print Ranges on a Sheet

Printing Sheet Details

Defining Number of Pages for Printing

Printing Sheets in Landscape Format

Printing Rows or Columns on Every Page

Defining Graphics or Colors in the Background of Pages (Watermark)

Importing and Exporting Documents

Opening and Saving Text CSV Files

Importing and Exporting CSV Text Files with Formulas

Importing and Exporting dBASE Files

Saving and Opening Sheets in HTML

Sending Documents as Email

Opening documents saved in other formats

Saving Documents in Other Formats


Shortcut Keys (LibreOffice Calc Accessibility)

Pasting Contents in Special Formats

Changing Your Working Directory

Protecting Cells from Changes

Unprotecting Cells

Freezing Rows or Columns as Headers

Inserting and Editing Comments

Rotating Tables (Transposing)

User-Defined Functions

Inserting External Data in Table (WebQuery)

19xx/20xx Years

Inserting, Editing, Saving Bitmaps Images

Applying Line Styles Using the Toolbar

Defining Arrow Styles

Defining Line Styles

Recording a Macro

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