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Shortcut Keys (LibreOffice Calc Accessibility)

Refer also to the lists of shortcut keys for \<item type=\"productname\"\>LibreOffice\</item\> Calc and \<item type=\"productname\"\>LibreOffice\</item\> in general.

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Some of the shortcut keys may be assigned to your desktop system. Keys that are assigned to the desktop system are not available to LibreOffice. Try to assign different keys either for LibreOffice, in \<emph\>Tools - Customize - Keyboard\</emph\>, or in your desktop system.

Cell Selection Mode


In a text box that has a button to minimize the dialog, press \<item type=\"keycode\"\>F2\</item\> to enter the cell selection mode. Select any number of cells, then press \<item type=\"keycode\"\>F2\</item\> again to show the dialog.

In the cell selection mode, you can use the common navigation keys to select cells.

Controlling the Outline

You can use the keyboard in Outline:

Selecting a Drawing Object or a Graphic

  1. Choose View - Toolbars - Drawing to open the Drawing toolbar.

  2. Press \<item type=\"keycode\"\>F6\</item\> until the \<emph\>Drawing\</emph\> toolbar is selected.

  3. If the selection tool is active, press +Enter. This selects the first drawing object or graphic in the sheet.

  4. With +F6 you set the focus to the document.

    Now you can use \<item type=\"keycode\"\>Tab\</item\> to select the next drawing object or graphic and \<item type=\"keycode\"\>Shift+Tab\</item\> to select the previous one.

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