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Consolidating Data

During consolidation, the contents of the cells from several sheets will be combined in one place.

To Combine Cell Contents

  1. Open the document that contains the cell ranges to be consolidated.

  2. Choose \<item type=\"menuitem\"\>Data - Consolidate\</item\> to open the \<emph\>Consolidate\</emph\> dialog.

  3. From the \<emph\>Source data area\</emph\> box select a source cell range to consolidate with other areas.

    If the range is not named, click in the field next to the \<emph\>Source data area\</emph\>. A blinking text cursor appears. Type a reference for the first source data range or select the range with the mouse.

  4. Click \<emph\>Add\</emph\> to insert the selected range in the \<emph\>Consolidation areas\</emph\> field.

  5. Select additional ranges and click \<emph\>Add\</emph\> after each selection.

  6. Specify where you want to display the result by selecting a target range from the \<emph\>Copy results to\</emph\> box.

    If the target range is not named, click in the field next to \<emph\>Copy results to\</emph\> and enter the reference of the target range. Alternatively, you can select the range using the mouse or position the cursor in the top left cell of the target range.

  7. Select a function from the \<emph\>Function\</emph\> box. The function specifies how the values of the consolidation ranges are linked. The "Sum" function is the default setting.

  8. Click \<emph\>OK\</emph\> to consolidate the ranges.

Additional Settings

Click \<emph\>More\</emph\> in the \<emph\>Consolidate\</emph\> dialog to display additional settings:

The data from the consolidation ranges and target range will be saved when you save the document. If you later open a document in which consolidation has been defined, this data will again be available.

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