Applying Automatic Formatting to a Selected Cell Range

Use the AutoFormat feature to quickly apply a format to a selected cell range.

Applying an AutoFormat to a Selected Cell Range

  1. Select the range of cells to which the AutoFormat style is to be applied. The range must be at least 3 columns and 3 rows in size.

  2. Go to Format - AutoFormat Styles to open the AutoFormat dialog.

  3. In the Format list choose the AutoFormat style to apply.

  4. In the Formatting section choose which properties from the AutoFormat style to apply to the selected cell range.

  5. Click OK to apply the AutoFormat style and close the dialog.

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In case the color of the cell contents does not change, make sure View - Value Highlighting is disabled.

Defining a new AutoFormat style

  1. In a Calc spreadsheet, format a cell range with at least 4 columns and 4 rows to serve as model to create the new AutoFormat style.

  2. Select the cell range formatted in the previous step and go to Format - AutoFormat Styles.

  3. Click \<emph\>Add\</emph\>.

  4. In the Name box of the Add AutoFormat dialog, enter a name for the new AutoFormat style.

  5. Click OK and close the dialog.


The new AutoFormat styles created using the steps above can be applied to any LibreOffice Calc file. Hence they are not limited to the file where the style was created.

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