\<bookmark_value\>entering entries with AutoInput function\</bookmark_value\>\<bookmark_value\>capital letters;AutoInput function\</bookmark_value\>


Switches the AutoInput function on and off, which automatically completes entries, based on other entries in the same column. The column is scanned up to a maximum of 2000 cells or 200 different strings.

Deactivating Automatic Changes

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Choose Tools - AutoInput.

The completion text is highlighted.

When typing formulas using characters that match previous entries, a Help tip will appear listing the last ten functions used from \<emph\>Function Wizard\</emph\>, from all defined range names, from all database range names, and from the content of all label ranges.

AutoInput is case-sensitive. If, for example, you have written "Total" in a cell, you cannot enter "total" in another cell of the same column without first deactivating AutoInput.

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