\CStr function\

CStr Function

Converts any numeric expression to a string expression.


CStr (Expression)

Return value:



\Expression:\ Any valid string or numeric expression that you want to convert.

Expression Types and Conversion Returns

Boolean :

String that evaluates to either \True\ or \False\.

Date :

String that contains the date and time.

Null :

Run-time error.

Empty :

String without any characters.

Any :

Corresponding number as string.

Zeros at the end of a floating-point number are not included in the returned string.

Error codes:

5 Invalid procedure call


Sub ExampleCSTR
Dim sVar As String
    MsgBox CDbl(1234.5678)
    MsgBox CInt(1234.5678)
    MsgBox CLng(1234.5678)
    MsgBox CSng(1234.5678)
    sVar = CStr(1234.5678)
    MsgBox sVar
End Sub

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