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CBool Function

Converts a string comparison or numeric comparison to a Boolean expression, or converts a single numeric expression to a Boolean expression.


CBool (Expression1 {= | <> | < | > | <= | >=} Expression2) or CBool (Number)

Return value:



\<emph\>Expression1, Expression2:\</emph\> Any string or numeric expressions that you want to compare. If the expressions match, the \<emph\>CBool\</emph\> function returns \<emph\>True\</emph\>, otherwise \<emph\>False\</emph\> is returned.

\<emph\>Number:\</emph\> Any numeric expression that you want to convert. If the expression equals 0, \<emph\>False\</emph\> is returned, otherwise \<emph\>True\</emph\> is returned.

The following example uses the \<emph\>CBool\</emph\> function to evaluate the value that is returned by the \<emph\>Instr\</emph\> function. The function checks if the word "and" is found in the sentence that was entered by the user.

Error codes:

5 Invalid procedure call


Sub ExampleCBool
Dim sText As String
    sText = InputBox("Please enter a short sentence:")
    REM Proof if the word »and« appears in the sentence.
    REM Instead of the command line
    REM If Instr(Input, "and")<>0 Then...
    REM the CBool function is applied as follows:
    If CBool(Instr(sText, "and")) Then
        MsgBox "The word »and« appears in the sentence you entered!"
End Sub

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