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Switch Function

Evaluates a list of arguments, consisting of an expression followed by a value. The Switch function returns a value that is associated with the expression that is passed by this function.


Switch (Expression1, Value1[, Expression2, Value2[..., Expression_n, Value_n]]) As Variant


The \<emph\>Switch\</emph\> function evaluates the expressions from left to right, and then returns the value that is assigned to the function expression. If expression and value are not given as a pair, a runtime error occurs.

\<emph\>Expression:\</emph\> The expression that you want to evaluate.

\<emph\>Value:\</emph\> The value that you want to return if the expression is True.

In the following example, the \<emph\>Switch\</emph\> function assigns the appropriate gender to the name that is passed to the function:

Error codes:

5 Invalid procedure call


Sub ExampleSwitch
Dim sGender As String
    sGender = GetGenderIndex( "John" )
    MsgBox sGender
End Sub
Function GetGenderIndex (sName As String) As String
    GetGenderIndex = Switch(sName = "Jane", "female", sName = "John", "male")
End Function

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