\<bookmark_value\>Second function\</bookmark_value\>

Second Function

Returns an integer that represents the seconds of the serial time number that is generated by the TimeSerial or the TimeValue function.


Second (Number)

Return value:



\<emph\>Number:\</emph\> Numeric expression that contains the serial time number that is used to calculate the number of seconds.

This function is the opposite of the \<emph\>TimeSerial \</emph\>function. It returns the seconds of a serial time value that is generated by the \<emph\>TimeSerial\</emph\> or \<emph\>TimeValue \</emph\>functions. For example, the expression:

Print Second(TimeSerial(12,30,41))

returns the value 41.

Error codes:

5 Invalid procedure call


Sub ExampleSecond
    MsgBox "The exact second of the current time is "& Second( Now )
End Sub

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