Managing Files

The functions and statements for managing files are described here.

ChDir Statement

Changes the current directory or drive.

ChDrive Statement

Changes the current drive.

CurDir Function

Returns a variant string that represents the current path .

Dir Function

Returns the name of a file, a directory, or all of the files and the directories on a drive or in a directory that match the specified search path.

FileAttr Function

Returns the access mode or the file access number of a file that was opened with the Open statement. The file access number is dependent on the operating system (OSH = Operating System Handle).

FileCopy Statement

Copies a file.

FileDateTime Function

Returns a string that contains the date and the time that a file was created or last modified.

FileExists Function

Determines if a file or a directory is available on the data medium.

FileLen Function

Returns the length of a file in bytes.

GetAttr Function

Returns a bit pattern that identifies the file type or the name of a volume or a directory.

GetPathSeparator Function

Returns the operating system-dependent directory separator used to specify file paths.

Kill Statement

Deletes a file from a disk.

MkDir Statement

MkDir Statement diagram

Creates a new directory on a data medium.

Name Statement

Renames an existing file or directory.

RmDir Statement

Deletes an existing directory from a data medium.

SetAttr Statement

Sets the attribute information for a specified file.

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