Input/Output to Screen

Python standard output file is not available when running Python macros from Tools – Macros - Run Macro... menu. Presenting the output of a module requires the Python interactive console. Features such as input(), print(), repr() and str() are available from the Python shell.


LibreOffice msgbox Python module proposes a msgbox() method that is illustrated in Creating Event Listeners and Creating a dialog handler example pages.

LibreOffice Basic proposes InputBox(), Msgbox() and Print() screen I/O functions. Python alternatives exist relying either on LibreOffice API Abstract Windowing Toolkit, either on Python to Basic function calls. The latter proposes a syntax that is intentionally close to that of Basic, and uses a Python module next to a Basic module. The API Scripting Framework is used to perform Basic, BeanShell, JavaScript and Python inter-languages function calls.

Python syntax:

MsgBox(txt, buttons=0, title=None)

InputBox(txt, title=None, default=None)



>>> import screen_io as ui

>>> reply = ui.InputBox('Please enter a phrase', title='Dear user', defaultValue="here..")

>>> rc = ui.MsgBox(reply, title="Confirmation of phrase")

>>> age = ui.InputBox('How old are you?', title="Hi")

>>> ui.Print(age)


screen_io Python module

        # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
        from __future__ import unicode_literals
        def MsgBox(prompt: str, buttons=0, title='LibreOffice') -> int:
            """ Displays a dialog box containing a message and returns a value."""
            xScript = _getScript("_MsgBox")
            res = xScript.invoke((prompt,buttons,title), (), ())
            return res[0]
        def InputBox(prompt: str, title='LibreOffice', defaultValue='') -> str:
            """ Displays a prompt in a dialog box at which the user can enter text."""
            xScript = _getScript("_InputBox")
            res = xScript.invoke((prompt,title,defaultValue), (), ())
            return res[0]
        def Print(message: str):
            """Outputs the specified strings or numeric expressions in a dialog box."""
            xScript = _getScript("_Print")
            xScript.invoke((message,), (), ())
        import uno
        from import XScript
        def _getScript(script: str, library='Standard', module='uiScripts') -> XScript:
            sm = uno.getComponentContext().ServiceManager
            mspf = sm.createInstanceWithContext("", uno.getComponentContext())
            scriptPro = mspf.createScriptProvider("")
            scriptName = ""+library+"."+module+"."+script+"?language=Basic&location=application"
            xScript = scriptPro.getScript(scriptName)
            return xScript

MsgBox and InputBox methods from the Basic service included in the ScriptForge libraries call directly their native Basic counterparts.

uiScripts Basic module

        Option Explicit
        Private Function _MsgBox( prompt As String, Optional buttons As Integer, _
                Optional title As String ) As Integer
            _MsgBox = MsgBox( prompt, buttons, title )
        End Function
        Private Function _InputBox( prompt As String, Optional title As String, _
                Optional default As String) As String
            _InputBox = InputBox( prompt, title, default )
        End Function
        Private Sub _Print( msg As String )
            Print msg
        End Sub

The Alternative Python Script Organizer (APSO) extension offers a msgbox() function out of its apso_utils module.

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