Formula Bar

The Formula Bar allows you to create and insert calculations into a text document. To activate the Formula Bar, press F2.

Cell Reference

Displays the position of the cell cursor in a table.


Opens a submenu, from which you can insert a formula into the cell of a table. Place the cursor in a cell in the table or at the position in the document where you want the result to appear. Click the Formula icon and choose the desired formula from the submenu.

Formula icon in Table toolbar



Clears the contents of the input line and closes the formula bar.




Transfers the contents of the input line into your document and closes the formula bar. The contents of the input line are inserted at the cursor position in the document.

Icon Apply

અમલમાં મૂકો

Formula Area

Allows you to create a formula by typing it directly into the input line or by clicking the Formula icon to display the formulas in submenu.

Formula area with formula

Formula Area

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