Automatic Check Spelling

LibreOffice can automatically check spelling while you type and underline possible misspelled words with a red wavy line.

To check spelling automatically while you type:

  1. Choose Tools - Automatic Spell Checking.

  2. Right-click a word with a red wavy underline, and then choose a suggested replacement word from the list, or from the AutoCorrect submenu.

If you choose a word from the AutoCorrect submenu, the underlined word and the replacement word are automatically added to the AutoCorrect list for the current language. To view the AutoCorrect list, choose Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options, and then click the Replace tab.

You can also add the underlined word to your custom dictionary by choosing Add.

To exclude words from the spellcheck:

  1. Select the words that you want to exclude.

  2. Click the Language control on the Status bar to open a menu.

  3. Choose "None (Do not check spelling)".

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