Creating Numbered or Bulleted Lists as You Type

LibreOffice can automatically apply numbering or bullets as you type.

To Enable Automatic Numbering and Bulleting

  1. Choose Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options, click the Options tab, and then select “Bulleted and numbered lists”.

  2. Choose Tools - AutoCorrect, and ensure that While Typing is selected.


The automatic numbering option is applied only to paragraphs formatted with “Default Paragraph Style”, “Body Text”, or “Body Text, Indented” paragraph style.

To Create a Numbered or Bulleted List While You Type

  1. Type 1., i., or I. to start a numbered list. Type * or - to start a bulleted list. You can also type a right parenthesis after the number instead of a period , for example, 1) or i).

  2. Enter a space, type your text, and then press Enter. The new paragraph automatically receives the next number or bullet.

  3. Press Enter again to finish the list.

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You can start a numbered list with any number.

Changing the List Level of a List Paragraph

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