Entries (bibliography)

Specify the format for bibliography entries.

To access this command...

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The types that are displayed depend on the different literature sources.

Structure and formatting

The Structure line displays the table of contents code for the selected heading level. To change the appearance of a heading level you can enter codes or text in the empty boxes on this line. You can also click in an empty box or on a code, and then click a code button.

Tab stop (T)

Inserts a tab stop. To add leader dots to the tab stop, select a character in the Fill character box. To change the position of the tab stop, enter a value in the Tab stop position box, or select the Align right check box.


Lists the available bibliography entries. To add an entry to the Structure line, click the entry, click in an empty box on the Structure line, and then click Insert. Use the Define Bibliography Entry dialog to add new entries.


Adds the reference code for the selected bibliography entry to the Structure line. Select an entry in the list, click in an empty box, and then click this button.

દૂર કરો

Removes the selected reference code from the Structure line.


Applies the current settings to all levels without closing the dialog.

Character Style

Specify a character style for the selected icon in the Structure.


Opens a dialog where you can edit the selected character style.

Sort by

Specify the sorting options for the bibliography entries.

Document position

Sorts the bibliography entries according to the position of their references in the document. Select this option if you want to use automatically numbered references.


Sorts the bibliography entries by the Sort keys that you specify, for example, by author or by year of publication.

Sort keys

1, 2 or 3

Select the entry by which to sort the bibliography entries. This option is only available if you select the Content radio button in the Sort by area.


Sorts the bibliography entries in ascending alphanumerical order.


Sorts the bibliography entries in a descending alphanumerical order.

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