Edit Symbols

Use this dialog to add symbols to a symbol set, to edit symbol sets, or to modify symbol notations. You can also define new symbol sets, assign names to symbols, or to modify existing symbol sets.

To access this command...

Choose Tools - Symbols - Edit

Old Symbol

Select the name of the current symbol. The symbol, the name of the symbol, and the set that the symbol belongs to are displayed in the left preview pane at the bottom of the dialog box.

Old Symbol Set

This list box contains the name of the current symbol set. If you want, you can also select a different symbol set.


Lists the names for the symbols in the current symbol set. Select a name from the list or type a name for a newly added symbol.

Adding a New Symbol

To add a symbol to a symbol set, select a font in the Font box, and then click a symbol in symbols pane. In the Symbol box, type a name for the symbol. In the Symbol set list box, select a symbol set, or type a new name to create a new symbol set. The right preview pane displays the symbol that you selected. Click Add and then OK.

Modifying the Name of a Symbol

To change the name of a symbol, select the old name in the Old symbol list box. Then enter the new name in the Symbol box. Check whether the desired character is in the preview window before you click the Modify button. Click OK.

Symbol Set

The Symbol set list box contains the names of all existing symbol sets. You can modify a symbol set or create a new one.

Creating a New Symbol Set

To create a new symbol set, type a name for it in the Symbol set list box and add at least one symbol. Click OK to close the dialog. The new symbol set is now available under the new name.


Displays the name of the current font and enables you to select a different font.


If you selected a non-symbol font in the Font list box, you can select a Unicode subset in which to place your new or edited symbol. When a subset has been selected, all symbols belonging to this subset of the current symbol set are displayed in the symbols list above.


The current typeface is displayed. You can change the typeface by selecting one from the list box.


Click this button to add the symbol shown in the right preview window to the current symbol set. It will be saved under the name displayed in the Symbol list box. You must specify a name under Symbol or Symbol Set to be able to use this button. Names cannot be used more than once.


Click this button to replace the name of the symbol shown in the left preview window (the old name is displayed in the Old symbol list box) with the new name you have entered in the Symbol list box.

Moving a Symbol to Another Symbol Set


As an example, to transfer the large ALPHA from the "Greek" set to the "Special" set, select the old set (Greek) and then the ALPHA symbol using the two top list boxes. The symbol appears in the left preview window. In the Symbol set list box, select the "Special" set. Click Modify and then OK. The ALPHA symbol is now only in the "Special" symbol set.

દૂર કરો

Click to remove the symbol shown in the left preview window from the current symbol set. There will be no security query. Deleting the last remaining symbol of a symbol set also deletes the symbol set.


You can also click Cancel at any time to close the dialog without saving any of the changes.

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