Using the Presenter Console

The Presenter Console displays the slide show in an external screen (projector or large television), while the presentation controls are shown in the computer screen.

The Presenter Console provides extra control over slide shows by using different views on your computer display and on the display seen by the audience. The view you see on your computer display includes the current slide, the upcoming slide, optionally the slide notes, and a presentation timer.


The Presenter Console works only on an operating system that supports multiple displays and only when two displays are connected (one may be the laptop built-in display).

Presenter console activation

To enable the Presenter Console:

Impress General Options Dialog

To activate the Presenter Console:

Presenter console controls

Presenter Console Controls

Presenter Console Keyboard Shortcuts

When running a slide show using the Presenter Console, you can use the following keys:


Key or Keys

Next slide, or next effect

Left click, right arrow, down arrow, spacebar, page down, enter, return

Previous slide, or previous effect

Right click, left arrow, up arrow, page up, backspace

Use mouse pointer as pen


Erase all ink on slide


First slide


Last slide


Previous slide without effects

Alt+Page Up

Next slide without effects

Alt+Page Down

Black/Unblack the screen

'B', '.'

White/Unwhite the screen

'W', ','

End slide show

Esc, '-'

Go to slide number

Number followed by Enter

Grow/Shrink size of notes font

'G', 'S'

Scroll notes up/down

'A', 'Z'

Move caret in notes view backward/forward

'H', 'L'

Show the Presenter Console


Show the Presentation Notes


Show the Slides Overview


Switch Monitors


Turn off pointer as pen mode


Presenter Console modes

Normal Mode

The Normal mode shows the current slide on the left and the next slide on the right of the computer display.

Presenter console normal mode

Notes mode

The Notes mode displays the current slide on the left, the slides notes on the right and the next slide below the current slide.

Notes mode

Slide sorter mode

The Slide Sorter mode displays all slides in the computer screen and allows to display the selected slide out of the presentation order.

Slide sorter mode

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