Group Element Wizard: Default Field Selection

Determines that you want one option field to be selected as the default choice.

The default settings will be accepted if you open the form in the user mode. With these settings you determine the control property Default Status.

To access this command...

In form design, click the Group Box icon on the toolbar
and use the mouse to create a frame - Wizards page 2.

વૈકલ્પિક ક્ષેત્ર મૂળભૂત તરીકે પસંદિત થવી જોઈએ?

Specifies whether you want to set default settings for the option box.

હા, નીચે પ્રમાણે:

Specifies that you want an option field to be selected as a default after opening the form. Choose the option field from the box.

List box

Select the option field that you want to have as the default when opening the form.

No, one particular field is not going to be selected

Specifies that you do not want any option field to be the default choice.

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