Digital Signatures

Adds and removes digital signatures to and from your document. You can also use the dialog to view certificates.

To access this command...

Choose File - Digital Signatures - Digital Signatures.

Choose Tools - Macros - Digital Signature.

Choose File - Properties - General tab, click Digital Signatures button.

Double-click or right-click the Signature field on the Status bar.

Using Digital Signatures


Lists the digital signatures for the current document.

Click the Promote Level Icon or Demote Level icon Icon.

Digital Signatures

Use AdES-compliant signature when there is a choice

Prefers creating XAdES signatures for ODF and OOXML, PAdES signatures for PDF.

View Certificate

Opens the View Certificate dialog.

Saving Documents

Opens the Select Certificate dialog.

દૂર કરો

Removes the selected signature from the list. Removes all subsequent signatures as well, in case of PDF.

Start Certificate Manager

Opens the installed certificate manager of your system.

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