Grouping Objects

You can combine several objects into a group so that they act as a single object. You can move and transform all objects in a group as a single unit. You can also change the properties (for example, line size, fill color) of all objects in a group as a whole or for individual objects in a group. Groups can be temporary or assigned:

Groups can also be grouped in other groups. Actions applied to a group do not affect the relative position of the individual objects to each other in the group.

To group objects:


Select the objects you want to group and choose Shape - Group - Group.

For example, you can group all of the objects in a company logo to move and resize the logo as a single object.

After you have grouped objects, selecting any part of the group selects the entire group.

Selecting Objects in a Group


You can select single objects in a group by entering the group. Double-click a group to enter it and click on the object to select it. You can also add or delete objects to and from a group in this mode. The objects that are not part of the group are grayed out.


To exit a group, double-click anywhere outside it.

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