Insert or Modify Layer

Inserts a new layer or modify a layer in the document. Layers are only available in Draw, not in Impress.

To access this command...

Choose Insert - Layer

Open context menu of layer tabs - choose Insert Layer

Select the layer and choose Format - Layer.

Open context menu of the layer tab - choose Modify Layer.


To select a layer, click the corresponding tab at the bottom of the workspace.

Insert layer dialog


Enter a name for the new layer. To rename the layer, enter the new name.


The following layer names are used internally and cannot be set or modified: layout, background, backgroundobjects, controls, measurelines.

layout, controls and measurelines layers are visible in normal view and correspond to the predefined layers Layout, Controls and Dimension Lines, respectively.

The backgroundobjects layer is visible in master view under the name Background objects.

The background layer is never visible and is not intended to be used.


To rename the layer directly, right-click the layer tab at the bottom, select Rename Layer in the context menu and enter the new name in the tab.


Enter the title of the layer.


Enter a description of the layer.

Layer Properties

Set the properties for the layer.


Show or hide the layer.


When printing, print or ignore this particular layer.


Prevent elements on the layer from being edited.

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