Database Query Toolbar

Open document

Icon Open Document

Opens a LibreOffice document.

Save document

Icon Save database file

Saves current database file.


Icon copy

Copies the selection to the clipboard.


Icon Paste

Inserts the contents of the clipboard at the location of the cursor, and replaces any selected text or objects.

Sort ascending

Icon Sort Ascending

Sorts the entries in the detail view in ascending order.

Sort descending

Icon Sort descending

Sorts the entries in the detail view in descending order.

New database form

Icon New Database Form

Creates a new database form (default). Use the drop-down toolbar to create a new database object directly.

New database query

Icon New Database Query

Creates a new database query.

New Database Query (SQL View)

Icon New query (SQL view)

Opens the SQL window to edit a query in SQL language.

Open database query

Icon Open Query Object

Opens the selected query so you can enter, edit, or delete records.


Icon Edit Query

Opens the selected query so you can change the structure.


Icon Delete Query

Deletes the selected query.


Icon Rename Query

Renames the selected query.

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