Options (caption)

Customize the appearance of the caption label. You can choose to add a heading number to the caption number, add a character style to the caption category and number, and choose the order of the caption category and caption number.

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Escolla Inserir - Lenda - Opcións

Abra o menú de contexto e escolla Lenda - Opcións

Category and caption number

Caption order

Select ordering of caption category and caption number.

Estilo de carácter

Specifies the character style of the caption category and caption number.

Frame format

Aplicar bordo e sombra

Aplica o bordo e sombra do obxecto ao marco da lenda.

Heading Number before Caption Number

If heading numbers are enabled, then use this option to prepend a heading number to the caption number. Use Tools - Heading Numbering to enable heading numbering.

Up to level

For typical use of headings, the selected number will indicate how many levels of heading number (starting from level 1) are displayed. If [None] is selected, no heading number is displayed.


The heading number selected for display is the first prior heading whose outline level is equal to or less than the selected outline level. For example, select “2” to use the heading number of the first prior heading with outline level 1 or outline level 2.


Enter the character to display between the heading number and the caption number.


Changes to Up to level or separator are also applied to any existing captions.

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