Configuraci贸n da presentaci贸n de diapositivas

Defines settings for your slide show, including how to display it, which slide to start from, the way you advance the slides, and whether you want to use the presenter console or control it remotely.

Para acceder a esta orde...

Choose Slide Show - Slide Show Settings.

Caixa de di谩logo Presentaci贸n


Especifica que diapositivas se incluir谩n na presentaci贸n.

Todas as diapositivas

Incl煤e todas as diapositivas da presentaci贸n.


Introduza o n煤mero da diapositiva inicial.

Presentaci贸n personalizada de diapositivas

Executa unha presentaci贸n de diapositivas na orde definida en Presentaci贸n de diapositivas - Presentaci贸n personalizada de diapositivas.

Presentation Mode

Seleccione o tipo de presentaci贸n de diapositivas.

Pantalla completa

Aparece unha diapositiva que ocupa a pantalla completa.

In a window

A presentaci贸n de diapositivas exec煤tase na xanela do programa LibreOffice.

Loop and repeat after

Reinicia a presentaci贸n de diapositivas despois do intervalo de pausa especificado. M贸strase unha diapositiva de pausa entre a diapositiva final e a inicial. Prema na tecla Esc para deter a presentaci贸n.

Duraci贸n de pausa

Introduza a duraci贸n da pausa antes de repetir a presentaci贸n de diapositivas. Se introduce cero, a presentaci贸n rein铆ciase inmediatamente sen mostrar ningunha diapositiva de pausa.

Mostrar logotipo

Mostra o logotipo de LibreOffice na diapositiva de pausa. O logotipo non pode cambiarse.

Presentation Options

Disable automatic change of slide

Ao seleccionar esta caixa, as diapositivas nunca cambian automaticamente.

Cambiar as diapositivas premendo no fondo

Avanza 谩 seguinte diapositiva ao premer no fondo dunha delas.

Apuntador de rato vis铆bel

Mostra o apuntador do rato durante a presentaci贸n de diapositivas.

Apuntador de rato como lapis

Transforma o apuntador do rato nun lapis que pode usarse para debuxar nas diapositivas durante a presentaci贸n.


Anything you write with the pen will appear in your slides after exiting the slideshow. The properties of the pen can be changed by choosing the Pen Width or Change pen Color command in the context menu of the running slide show.

Enable animated images

Mostra todos os marcos dos ficheiros GIF animados durante a presentaci贸n. Se esta opci贸n non est谩 seleccionada, s贸 se mostra o primeiro marco.

Keep presentation always on top

A xanela LibreOffice mantense na parte superior durante a presentaci贸n. 脡 a 煤nica xanela que se mostra diante da presentaci贸n.


By default the primary display is used for slide show mode. If the current desktop is displayed on more than one display, you can select which display to use for full screen slide show mode. If the current desktop spans only one display, or if the multi display feature is not supported on the current system, you cannot select another display.


These settings are saved in the user configuration and not inside the document.

Presentation display

Select a display to use for full screen slide show mode.

If the system allows the user to span a window over all available displays, you can also select "All displays". In this case the presentation is spanned over all available displays.

Presenter console

The Presenter console provides extra controls and tools useful to the presenter. You can choose to use it in windowed or full screen mode, or disable it entirely.

Show navigation bar

The navigation bar allows the presenter to control the presentation with buttons at the bottom left of the screen, either with the mouse pointer or directly on display if a touch screen is used.

Remote control

Enable remote control

Specifies that you want to enable Bluetooth remote control while Impress is running. Unmark Enable remote control to disable remote controlling.

A link directs you to the available options to install the application on your device.

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