Specifies the support options for Java applications in LibreOffice, including which Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to use. It also specifies whether to use experimental (unstable) features such as macro recording and access expert configuration.

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Non é posíbel restaurar algunhas opcións unha vez configuradas. Pode refacer os cambios manualmente ou premer en Cancelar e reabrir o diálogo Opcións.

Opcións de Java


The current list of LibreOffice modules and resources that depends on Java is available in the wiki.

Usar un contorno de execución de Java (JRE)

Allows you to run Java applications in LibreOffice. When a Java application attempts to access your hard drive, a prompt opens.

Contornos de execución Java (JRE) xa instalados:

Select the JRE that you want to use. On some systems, you must wait a minute until the list gets populated. On some systems, you must restart LibreOffice to use your changed setting. The path to the JRE is displayed beneath the list box.

You can override the default JRE of the operating system with one of the following alternatives:


Engada un camiño ao cartafol raíz dun JRE no computador. O camiño defínese na caixa de diálogo seguinte.


Abre a caixa de diálogo Parámetros de inicio de Java.

Camiño de clase

Abre a caixa de diálogo Camiño de clase.

Optional Features

Activar as funcionalidades experimentais

Enables features that are not yet complete or may contain known bugs. The list of these features is different version by version, or even it can be empty.

Enable macro recording

Activa a gravación de macros. Disponse do menú Ferramentas - Macros - Gravar macro.

Configuración avanzada

Abre o diálogo Configuración avanzada para opcións e configuración avanzados do LibreOffice.

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