Inserting Non-breaking Spaces, Hyphens and Soft Hyphens

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To prevent two words from being separated at the end of a line, hold down the and the Shift key when you type a space between the words.

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In Calc, you cannot insert non-breaking spaces.

Guión non separábel

An example of a non-breaking hyphen is a company name such as A-Z. Obviously you would not want A- to appear at the end of a line and Z at the beginning of the next line. To solve this problem, press Shift+Ctrl+ minus sign. In other words, hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys and press the minus key.

Replacing hyphens by dashes

In order to enter dashes, you can find under Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options - Options the Replace dashes option. This option replaces one or two hyphens under certain conditions with an en-dash or an em-dash (see AutoCorrect Options).

For additional replacements see the replacements table under Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options- Replace. Here you can, among other things, replace a shortcut automatically by a dash, even in another font.

Soft hyphen

To support automatic hyphenation by entering a soft hyphen inside a word yourself, use the keys +minus sign. The word is separated at this position when it is at the end of the line, even if automatic hyphenation for this paragraph is switched off.

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