Find terms that are similar to the Find text. Select this checkbox, and then click the Similarities button to define the similarity options.

Para acceder a esta orde...

For example, a similarity search can find words that differ from the Find text by two characters.


Defina os criterios para determinar se unha palabra é semellante ao termo de busca.

Intercambiar caracteres

Enter the number of characters in the search term that can be exchanged. For example, if you specify 2 exchanged characters, "sweep" and "creep" are considered similar.

Engadir caracteres

Introduza o número máximo de caracteres polo cal unha palabra pode superar o número de caracteres no termo de busca.

Eliminar caracteres

Introduza o número de caracteres por que unha palabra pode ser máis curto que o termo de busca.


Busca por un termo que combina con calquera combinación da configuración de busca de similaridade.


Using Combine better meets a user's expectations from looking at the settings, but may return false positives. Not using Combine may match less than expected, but does not return false positives.


A Weighted Levenshtein Distance (WLD) algorithm is used. If Combine is not checked, then settings are treated as an exclusive-OR (strict WLD).If Combine is checked, then settings are treated as an inclusive-OR (relaxed WLD).


Be careful when using Replace All with Similarity Search. Best to be certain first about what will be found.

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