Add fields to report

The Add Field window helps you to insert the table entries in the report.

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The Add Field window is shown automatically when you have selected a table in the Contents box and leave that box.

Choose View - Add Field.

Click the Add Field icon on the toolbar.

Add Field icon

Add Field icon on the toolbar.

  1. Select the field in the Add Field dialog and click Insert. You can select multiple fields pressing the key while clicking on the fields name or using the Shift key while pressing the mouse button. Click Insert in the toolbar to add the fields to the report.

  2. Drag and drop the field names one by one from the Add Field window into the Detail area of the report. Position the fields as you like. Use the icons in the toolbars to align the fields.

    It is not possible to overlap the fields. If you drop a table field on the Detail area, then a label and a text box are inserted.

  3. You can also insert text that should be the same on every page of the report. Click the Label Field icon, then drag a rectangle in the Page Header or Page Footer area. Edit the Label property to show the text you want.


Add Label Field icon on the toolbar.

Sorting fields names

Sort Ascending icon

Sort names ascending.

Sort Descending icon

Sort names descending,

Undo sorting icon

Restore original sorting

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