Using Scenarios

A LibreOffice Calc scenario is a set of cell values that can be used within your calculations. You assign a name to every scenario on your sheet. Define several scenarios on the same sheet, each with some different values in the cells. Then you can easily switch the sets of cell values by their name and immediately observe the results. Scenarios are a tool to test out "what-if" questions.

Creating Your Own Scenarios

To create a scenario, select all the cells that provide the data for the scenario.

  1. Select the cells that contain the values that will change between scenarios. To select multiple cells, hold down the key as you click each cell.

  2. Choose Tools - Scenarios. The Create Scenario dialog appears.

  3. Enter a name for the new scenario and leave the other fields unchanged with their default values. Close the dialog with OK. Your new scenario is automatically activated.

Using Scenarios

Scenarios can be selected in the Navigator:

  1. Abra o Navegador coa icona Navegador Icona do Navegador da barra Estándar.

  2. Prema na icona Escenarios Icona Escenarios no Navegador.

No Navegador vense os escenarios definidos cos comentarios introducidos ao crear os escenarios.

Icona Nota

If you want to know which values in the scenario affect other values, choose Tools - Detective - Trace Dependents. You see arrows to the cells that are directly dependent on the current cell.

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