GlobalScope specifier

To manage personal or shared library containers (Application Macros or My Macros) from within a document, use the GlobalScope specifier.

Basic source code and dialogs are organized in library containers. Libraries can contain modules and dialogs.

En Basic:

Basic libraries and modules can be managed with the BasicLibraries object. Libraries can be searched, explored and loaded on request. Monitoring Documents Events illustrates LibreOffice library loading.

Nas caixas de diálogo:

Dialog libraries and dialogs can be managed with the DialogLibraries object. Opening a Dialog With Basic illustrates how to display LibreOffice shared dialogs.

BasicLibraries and DialogLibraries containers exist at application level and within every document. Document's library containers do not need the GlobalScope specifier to be managed. If you want to call a global library container (located in Application Macros or My Macros) from within a document, you must use the GlobalScope specifier.


GlobalScope specifier


Exemplo no documento Basic

    ' chamando a Dialog1 na biblioteca de documentos Standard
    oDlgDesc = DialogLibraries.Standard.Dialog1
    ' chamando a Dialog2 na biblioteca de aplicativos Library1
    oDlgDesc = GlobalScope.DialogLibraries.Library1.Dialog2

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