Función FreeLibrary

Releases DLLs that were loaded by a Declare statement. A released DLL is automatically reloaded if one of its functions is called. See also: Declare


FreeLibrary (NomeBiblioteca As String)


LibName: String expression that specifies the name of the DLL.

Icona Nota

A función FreeLibrary só pode liberar as DLLs cargadas durante a execución de Basic.

Códigos de erro

5 Chamada de procedemento incorrecta


Declare Sub MyMessageBeep Lib "user32.dll" Alias "MessageBeep" ( Long )
Sub ExampleDeclare
Dim lValue As Long
    lValue = 5000
    MyMessageBeep( lValue )
    FreeLibrary("user32.dll" )
End Sub

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