Instrucións adicionais

Statements that do not belong to any of the other categories are described here.

Call Statement

Transfers the control of the program to a subroutine, a function, or a procedure of a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). The keyword, type and number of parameters is dependent on the routine that is being called.

Choose Function

Devolve o valor seleccionado dunha lista de argumentos.

Instrución Declare

Declara e define un método nun ficheiro DLL que desexa executar desde o Basic do LibreOffice.

Instrución End

Finaliza un procedemento ou bloque.

Instrución Exit

Exits a Do...Loop, For...Next, a function, a property, or a subroutine.

Función FreeLibrary

Releases DLLs that were loaded by a Declare statement. A released DLL is automatically reloaded if one of its functions is called. See also: Declare

Function Statement

A function is a block of code which runs when it is called. A function is usually called in an expression.

You can pass data, known as parameters or arguments, into a function. You may pass a parameter by value or by reference. When by reference, modifications applied to the parameter in the function will be sent back to the calling code.

A function usually returns data as a result.

Rem Statement

Especifica que unha liña de programa é un comentario.

Instrución Stop

Para a execución dun programa Basic.

Instrución Sub

Define un método.

Switch Function

Avalía unha lista de argumentos, composta por unha expresión seguida dun valor. A función Switch devolve un valor asociado á expresión pasada por dita función.

Instrución With

Sets an object as the default object. Unless another object name is declared, all properties and methods refer to the default object until the End With statement is reached.

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